PROSTOR - SPACE for conferences, workshops, exhibitions, lectures, acoustic gigs, projections.
PROSTOR - SPACE for sharing ideas, joint work and expression. more

We have conceptualized PROSTOR at 11 Beogradska Street as a place for exchanging knowledge, experience and ideas, but also as a place for joint work and creation. There, we will explore spaces within us and around us, since they are deeply connected. We are trying to make PROSTOR a stimulating environment for cooperation and expression. We want it to be the source of the first continuous stimuli for the awakening and revitalization of the Lower Town of the Petrovaradin Fortress. PROSTOR will be a place for conferences, seminars, lectures and workshops on various topics, but also a place for exhibitions, art performances, acoustic concerts, film projections, culinary workshops and other activities we are now lacking. All the programs and content at PROSTOR will, with no exception, promote equality, solidarity, human rights, joining forces and the freedom of expression.


How we use PROSTOR?

The Association Inbox is developing long-term projects with several partner associations whose programs are realized at PROSTOR. When there is nothing scheduled to take place at PROSTOR, it is possible to rent it for various events that are in accordance with our values ​​and concept. For more information write to



The unique ambiance and complete interior of the PROSTOR (eng. space) were designed by young architects from Novi Sad, Višnja Žugić and Bojan Stojković from Ephemera Collective! The reconstruction of PROSTOR lasted more than six months, and the concept of the interior is designed to transform the space according to needs. PROSTOR can be a place to work, a gallery space, a place for watching movies, socializing and lecturing. Watch the video of transformation!

About us

PROSTOR at 11 Beogradska Street is a project by Inbox association, which is also the organizer of the Street Musicians Festival – Gradić Fest. After we moved the festival from the city center of Novi Sad to the suburbs of the Petrovaradin Fortress, in 2016, we decided to make Gradić wide awake throughout the year.

By opening PROSTOR and organizing activities there, we want to actively contribute, together with our partner associations, artists and local residents, to the positive transformation of this urban setting.

PROSTOR is a privately owned independent space, and the biggest partner is DaFED Association. The reconstruction of PROSTOR was co-financed by the Provincial Secretariat for Economy and Tourism. A part of the program activities at PROSTOR is co-financed by OPENS2019.